Air project first realease

I’m very proud to show your how this project is going on. It is the apple of my eyes.  AIR (Automatic and interactive Rigging) aims to be a change in rigging process techniques. Up to now, just computes a procedural skinning that could be adjusted quickly to achieve quite similar results to those done manually by a professional.

The computation is stable and versatile but is not real time right now. The key point is the ability of testing deformations of your rigg while is being created. The next step in this development is to sketch skeletons quickly over the model and test the defined deformations without waiting to be finished at all, and save all the adjustments in an abstract way so that this changes do not die if you change any part of the rigg. This feature can open a wide bunch of artistic opportunities in the rigging process

Soon I will publish an awesome update.

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